Strategic Communication

This is at the very core of our business, we help you identify your communication objectives, stratify your audiences. For us, publicity and perception management is a concept that we strategically plan to achieve projected results. To date, we’ve worked on a varied number of projects ranging from small scale to large projects requiring tactical communication strategies to reach personal and corporate stakeholders.

Stakeholder management

We use the media as a strong tool in portraying value for your organization. We help our clients generate the right messages, through the right channels to the right targets levering effective media engagement. We are constantly innovating and evolving our processes because we understand that human behaviours and trends are constantly evolving.

Digital Strategy

We assist you in creating engaging, credible content that is transparent and trustworthy. We render services like web development, web copywriting, digital marketing campaigns, promotions, on all social media/ networks platforms that will help the audience relate to your product and services.


We finetune your idea to fit your target customers. That means going beyond a unique visual narrative to meeting your desired objectives. We have created high-impact films for a number of major brands. We make everything from short bits of social media to full-length feature documentaries, corporate videos, commercials, training videos, and more at good rates.


The success of any marketing campaign rests largely on how well the tactics execute the objectives of the marketing strategy. We help you create creative and compelling brand stories that capture attention as well as implement campaigns that best suit your brand aim. With our deep understanding of marketing research, we deploy experiential campaigns, Influencer Marketing, general advertising advisory (jingles etc).

Web Optimization

As a leading website development company, CFAmedia has a team of qualified and experienced professionals. We are the go-to platform renowned for building top-notch website functionality. We fuse our imaginative ideas and your company’s unique insights into creating a memorable web design, development, brand placement, strategic and advisory services to enable you to achieve your set objectives. Our creative output will not only transform the way you operate your day-to-day business but will enhance your attraction to potential clients. To serve you better, our team of professional coders, website designers, UX and Graphic designers, testers, and concept developers are on the ground to bring your vision to life